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This indica-dominant strain is perfect for those will no major plans, other than relaxation. Gorilla Glue sticks true to its name in the way of getting users "stuck". While inducing an indica calming sensation; it also has bonus effects of pain relieving and high-strung anxiety-lessening properties. There have been consumers that also found relief of vertigo and nausea symptoms after using. Keep in mind, this flower is infused with an isolated cannabinoid known as THC-P. The addition of the added cannabinoid along with the D8-THC, ensures there is no lack of the Indica feeling with this strain. Terpene Profile: sweet, floral, fruity with a skunky undertone. 

o   ∆8THC: 166.03mg

o   THC-P: 954mg

o   CBGa: 59.4mg

o   CBDa: 64.7mg

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